Lupe Fiasco “Pu$$y feat. Billy Blue” | #DunDemWorld

Here’s a new joint from Lupe. For those that thought he may have somewhat lost “it”, he’s here to let you know…nah, never. At this point, Lupe is just doing lyrical exercises to entertain himself, kind of like Eminem does.


Chief Umeh of Real Oasis speaks on his west coast roots, creative process, and inspiration behind his Metanoia line.
441 photos shot in Greenpoint & Redhook, Brooklyn | Recorded 7.26.2014

Big Sean “Paradise” | #DunDemWorld

This guy Big Sean is now down with ROCNation management. That an upgrade for him and could mean that he’s going over the top with his new album. Also, since that announcement, Sean dropped 4 new songs. That very Drake like when it comes to an album rollout. Check out the songs here.

Vinylcologist “B.I.G. Blends 09.13.14” | #DunDemWorld

I’m saying, today is very monumental to Hip Hop culture. Today is the anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album Ready To Die. Coincidentally, today is also the anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death. Let that settle in for a minute. The Homie Vinylcologist mixed up a dope ass blend session to commemorate Biggie Smalls’ debut, check it out and spin it repeatedly.