Sime Gezus “For $20 (prod. Cose MP)”

Happy #Easter and #420 for many it’s a double holiday today. Here’s a new joint for you to blaze during your endeavors today. Be safe and catch you next time.

Dephyant “Punchline Filla Filla” Video

The good homie Dephyant put a new video out from his last project Pairadice. Dephyant is considered by MANY to be one of the best actual freestylers from out of the 518 Upstate NY area. Dude can spit rhymes off top like you breathe air…completely natural. Peep this Hip Hop video and enjoy.

Also grab Pairadice when your finish from Bandcamp

Darkstar “Earth: 518” LP

New album from Darkstar (SMG 2) produced entirely by Melvin Junko. Hard hitting beats, gritty lyrics, and very clever concepts are what this is about. It’s not rocket science, Its Hip Hop music. Press play listen to any track and you will find that this is an album for true Hip Hop lovers.

Dizzy Wright “Everywhere I Go”

First intro to Dizzy Wright for us was at SXSW last month at the Bootleg Kev showcase. Dude immediately caught my ear with his raps. He definitely stood out as the top performer for the night, in my opinion. He reminded me of Food & Liquor 1 Lupe Fiasco. Well, homie is setting out to release a project soon and this is the first offering.

Yasiin Gaye “Ms. Fat Booty” Video

Yasiin Gaye (Mos Def x Marvin Gaye) is the mash-up project by Amerigo Gazaway. This is just a sample of the treats on the project. Word on the interwebs is that there is a Side B in the works and making its way to listeners soon. Hip Hop culture is amazing.