Big Malk “Plutonium: Instrumentals” | #DunDemWorld

Producer Big Malk and Emcee Sime Gezus have been putting on some great work for a number of years. Not too long ago, Big Malk released the instrumentals for their album Plutonium. Absolute back-to-back heat right here. Bump this for some creative inspiration or just to kick a few rhymes.

Deborah’s Son “Beat*Shot/EMc Showcase” | #DunDemWorld

Beat*Shot Productions hosted a dope hip hop event recently with live performances and a producers showcase in Albany, NY. One of the producers featured in the showcase was Deborah’s Son. Here’s the 5 beats he displayed…next level illness.

Knowledge The Pirate, Roc Marciano “Shot A Man” | #DunDemWorld

Produced by Ricky Dubs. 4th single from Ricky Dubs album, Señor Dubs. This joint is gritty with a smooth beat. Knowledge and Roc Marci absolutely body this track. That’s expected though. Vintage East Coast NYC vibe right here. Very necessary for balance. Enjoy.

Kwamizzle "Kwam Iz Ill, Vol. 1" [Album Stream] | #DunDemWorld


It’s been a long time in the works but I’ve finally released it. Now that the music is out it’s time to put in the real ground work on hand-to-hand promotion. The social media promo is ok, but nothing beats hard copy CDs and face-to-face engagement. I want to thank everyone that was involved in…

D.O.C. “Fireflies” Video | #DunDemWorld

The Capital Region definitely has it’s share of young music professionals. Kaseem “D.O.C.” Moultrie is one of the few that are leading the pack. The self-proclaimed “Beat God” can do it all on his own (rap, sing, mix, master, record, videos, graphics). With a couple full length projects out already, D.O.C. is on route to release the album The Count Down soon.

Tri City “Welcome To Tri City” Video” | #DunDemWorld

Rustic Justice artists Sin City and JPlus grabbed another artist, Magic, and formed a trio by the name of Tri City. Here’s their debut video addressing the disposition of the Capital District concerning the local music community.